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College and NFL football picks, predictions by one of the nations most respected sports handicappers. He was the first sports handicapper to offer guaranteed football picks way back in 1981. Soon after all others were forced to match his guaranteed football picks. Now he's raising the bar to the highest level by offering his Guaranteed Winning Season.

Dennis Stagliano, continues his label as one of the nation's best sports handicappers in the nation, ever!. An award winning sports handicapper, has a reputation as the #1 documented sports handicapper since 1981, and it continues annually.

National sports writer and the Director of the American Association of Documented Handicappers said this about Dennis. "The best football handicapper I have ever had the privilege to monitor. A splendid performer, past, present and I sure wouldn't want to bet against the future". Now that's a pretty remarkable accomplishment! Well, Martin was right, because Dennis has a lifetime record of excellence that has never been matched.   

Dennis has outstanding documented credentials as a football and basketball handicapper

   Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - H&H Sporting Times
   Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Experts Magazine
   Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Million$ Magazine
   Rated Nations No. 1 Football & Basketball Handicapper - Sports Features Syndicate

Ron Sataloff, President, Sports Features Syndicate Inc. had this to say about the Dennis. "65% Football Handicapping Winning Pct. And For the First Time Ever, a Sports Service Football Handicapper Went the Entire Season Picking 4 Games Weekly In our National Newspaper Professional Handicapping Contest Without a Single Losing Week"! (see documented football picks). Same picks used in his Gridiron Gold Sheet Football Newsletter.

Dennis has been a featured columnist and handicapper for national newspapers through the years, and has co-hosted national network sports shows. He is sought after annually by radio stations to offer free football handicapping advice. He currently is a featured columnist for other websites in which he offers occasional free picks and handicapping articles. But this year he's moving away from that and starting his own blog .

Martin Mendelsohn, the director of the AADSS, had this to say about Dennis. "A long time documented sports service handicapping superstar. Dennis is in the enviable position of breaking his own all-time AADSS Single Contest Earnings Record every time he wins a game. I don't know what more I can say about him, he surely is one of the most successful AADSS performers through many seasons”.

Dennis reputation is one of integrity, honesty and long term consistent winning results. Gridiron Gold's guaranteed sports picks and handicapper performances are documented and monitored by a tough group of watchdogs, otherwise known as their clients. Gridiron Gold is unique in the fact that they have posted their guaranteed sports picks right after kickoff. Unlike others, their entire season record is visible. This ensures customers, without a shadow of a doubt, that they're getting the same sports picks as everyone else, and there are no false records posted. Dennis was the originator of this self documentation method, after he found out long ago that other monitors were bought and paid for by sports service owners. We know of no others, that have been as transparent as long as Gridiron Gold handicappers.

Professional Football Handicapper with a Guaranteed Winning SeasonThey say I'm losing my mind. I say "I GUARANTEE A PROFIT"!

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  • Do you want your picks to be guaranteed with a pointspread you can bet into?
  • Do you want to finally feel secure that "if you don't win, you don't pay"!!!
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